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Worship is our response to an awareness of God. We can worship alone, but when we join with others in expectant waiting we may discover a deeper sense of God's presence. We seek a gathered stillness in our meetings for worship so that all may feel the power of God's love drawing us together and leading us.

Quaker worship* is based on gathering in quietness. In that quietness, we listen inwardly, seeking to find what some describe as the moving of the spirit, others might describe it as the leadings of God and others just the still centre at the heart of our being.

Quaker Meetings for Worship can be of any size and take place in any place and at any time. We tend to gather on Sunday mornings, but no day is regarded as more special or sacred than another. Our Meeting Houses tend to be simple in design - whether old or new - with little decoration and no religious symbols. This allows us to enter into the quiet worship without distraction.

All people participating in a Quaker Meeting for Worship share in the process. Out of the silence, some might speak - known as ministry - sharing with others something of what has arisen for them from it. Listening, praying and reflecting silently on spoken ministry is a less visible but equally important part of our way of worship.

Many other Quakers have described Quaker worship in their own words. At the bottom of this page are just a few links to places where you can read some of these descriptions.
If you are wondering what God may be,
Looking for a purpose in life,
Craving company, or seeking solitude,
Come to our Meeting for worship!
We shall not ask you to speak or sing,
We shall not ask you what you believe,
We shall simply offer you our friendship,
And a chance to sit quietly and think,
And perhaps somebody will speak,
And perhaps somebody will read,
And perhaps somebody will pray,
And perhaps you will find here
That which you are seeking...
We are not saints,
We are not cranks,
We are not different -
Except that we believe,
That God's light is in us all,
Waiting to be discovered.
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* in Britain and most of Europe this has become known as 'unprogrammed' worship. Quakers in other parts of the world – particularly north America – have diversified over the years, some worshipping with paid pastors, some being evangelical or more conservative about religious practice than in Britain. Follow this link, this one or this one to find out more.